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phone case very good protection[ 14/03/2016 ]
We love smartphone; but man, do we do some dumb things with them. According to a survey commissioned by T-Mobile, nearly half of all smartphone owners have had their phones lost, stolen or damaged. For smartphone owners who have damaged their phones, 37 percen...
Benefits of Silicone Bakeware[ 26/02/2016 ]
 Benefits of Silicone Bakeware No greasing or oiling of pans required Pans heat quickly and bake evenly with no burnt or dark edges or bottom. Removal from pans is super easy - a slight twist or gently pulling on the sides and ro...
Butyl Rubber IIR Material[ 18/02/2016 ]
For isobutylene and a small amount of isoprene polymerization, methyl by three-dimensional obstacles molecular motion less than other polymers, permeability is less, so the gas to heat, sunlight, ozone resistance, good electrical insulation
Neoprene CR Material[ 22/01/2016 ]
Composed of chloroprene monomer polymerization. After the vulcanization rubber elasticity good abrasion resistance, not afraid of direct sunlight, has particularly good weather resistance, is not afraid of fierce distortion
Mobile Phone Silica Gel Sets of How to Choose[ 22/12/2015 ]
Purchase considerations: (1) the silicone, TPU case is cheap, practical, and not easy to damage the mobile phone, (2) mobile phone sets of different types, different occasions need can be purchased
New Type of Silicone Electronic Products[ 29/11/2015 ]
In the era of rapid new telecom, the advantages of electronic products and household products more clearly!The use of the product value and quality requirement is also relatively improve greatly.How to stand firm in the era of this time products, are suitable to lead you on development
Mobile Phone Silica Gel Sets Have Market Prospect[ 11/11/2015 ]
In relative to the first ten years, market development, the market overall is relatively smooth movement, a relevant personage thinks, cell phone silicone sets of ownership for the big markets in Asia are rising
Mobile Phone Silica Gel Sets for Science and Technology[ 10/10/2015 ]
"Our bold innovations, cautious forecast: really implement new technology into products, enterprise profits will double, it will break the old pattern of low profit."Zhou always said happily.Everywhere in the production workshop
Mobile Phone Natural Rubber NR Material[ 10/09/2015 ]
Is made from latex rubber acquisition, isoprene polymer. Has the very good wear resistance, high elasticity, breaking strength and elongation. Easy aging in the air, and when it is heated become sticky, easy expansion and dissolved in mineral oil or gas, and alkali resistant, but not resistant to strong acid
The Effect of Silicone Mobile Phone Sets[ 23/08/2015 ]
Along with information technology, the more developed, people growing demand for mobile phones, from the demand for mobile phone cases is becoming more and more diversified.The benefits of using silicone mobile phone sets in where
No Headphones Line Series of Phone Sets Wholesale[ 21/08/2015 ]
Our this product is to tackle the problem of headset line trouble from you just tidy up and lost heart, here we can share the wireless phone sets for you
High Temperature Resistant Mobile Phone Silica Gel Set of Protection Scheme[ 01/08/2015 ]
My company has been developed from the year before a kind of high temperature resistant mobile phone silica gel set, why want to develop it, this is because, now the world environment is more and more bad, summer air temperature is becoming more and more high, not only is the people can't stand it
Mobile Phone Silica Gel Set of Problems Existing In The Industry[ 17/06/2015 ]
Since the birth of the industry, so far, the developed countries of the world's mobile phone silica gel set of production and consumption has reached a very high level, and speed of development is much more than we imagine.Our country in recent years, although in terms of production technology and production capacity has the very big enhancement
Mobile Phone Silicone Rubber Application[ 25/04/2015 ]
Type mobile phone silicone rubber was generally includes forming and condensation type two kinds big.Add molding has good heat resistance, hydrophobic, electrical insulation
Mobile Phone Silica Gel Set of Design and Consumer Psychology[ 05/04/2015 ]
We play many roles in the society, these roles are more or less affect others, also affects the society, most of us plays a consumer in the economic and social, so our psychological need to do to seize, in terms of mobile phone silica gel set of industry, we have to analyze
Silica Gel Set of Styrene Butadiene Rubber SBR Materials[ 28/03/2015 ]
Butadiene and styrene polymers, compared with natural rubber, uniform quality, less foreign body, has better wear resistance and aging resistance, but the mechanical strength is weak, can be used mixed with natural rubber
Elementary Introduction of Mobile Phone Silica Gel Set of Market Situation[ 09/03/2015 ]
Recently, we read an article and the article said that after investigation, the Chinese mobile phone silica gel set of market average annual growth rate is now 12%, production will increase to 2.9 billion, in shenzhen, for example, can maintain the growth rate of 8%, the growth rate of other markets could be higher
Cell Phone Sets Wholesale Integration Mode[ 08/03/2015 ]
The first domestic integration of silica gel in the enterprise is facing financial difficulty.Now we will go into more detail about what is integration, the so-called integration, is to mobile phone silica gel sets of production enterprises as the main body
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